Analysis of Dividends

For the week: 13th September to 17th September 2021.
During the last period 120 companies reported interim results with 20 reporting their final results. 0 FTSE-100 companies reported: 0 interims, 0 finals.
20Companies increased their dividend
18Companies maintained their dividend
0Companies reduced their dividend
92Companies paid no dividend/unchanged
1Company passed its dividend
8Companies resumed dividend payments
1Company announced a maiden dividend
0FTSE-100 companies increased their dividend
0FTSE-100 companies maintained their dividend
0FTSE-100 companies reduced their dividend
0FTSE-100 companies paid no dividend/unchanged
0FTSE-100 companies passed/suspended their dividend
0FTSE-100 companies resumed dividend payments
0FTSE-100 companies announced a maiden dividend
Average reported increase for all stocks16.69%
Average reported decrease for all stocksn/a
Average reported increase for FTSE 100n/a
Average reported decrease for FTSE 100n/a