Market Coverage

Dividend Analysis Market Coverage Across All Services
The primary focus of Dividend Analysis is monitoring, analysing and reporting on income that is derived from all listed equities, fixed interest stock and their derivatives as well as Unit Trusts and other funds that invest in them.

Using our investment information services, you can

  • look forward with confidence using our accurate forecasts
  • extend your scope of opportunities beyond the top companies – our comprehensive database covers the entire market.
  • improve your rate of return. our systems are valuable decision support tools that you can leverage in your search for higher yields.

Our coverage for the time being comprises almost 3,500 securities including

  • Equities
  • Government Stocks
  • Warrants
  • Fixed Interest and Preference Stocks

For Securities…

  • Individual dividend forecasts at least two financial years ahead.
  • Full dividend history. Separately identifying Interims from Finals, Specials and FIDs.
  • Unique Dividend Analysis Condition Codes. These are indicators that give you more background information about the status of each security.
  • Board Meeting Dates.
  • Earnings per share.
  • Prices, yields, returns.
  • Sector codes.

For Funds…

A specialised service… forecasting yield and possible dividend payments from full portfolio data

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